Musings on “Home”

The concept of “home” is a common one in the human experience. Even those of us who love to travel and are constantly anticipating our next chance to ‘get away’ will admit that there is something special about being “home”. Anyone pausing to reflect on this might be tempted to wonder what it is about the human heart that is so drawn to this particular place we call home. Perhaps the old adage, “home is where the heart is” holds more truth in it than we think. In this sense it is possible to think of home not a physical place that one goes from and returns to, but rather as something else. Maybe home is instead a person or a place that provides us with the comfort and peace that comes with knowing this is who or what we were created for. In this sense we need not be at our permanent place of residence to feel at home. We can feel at home when we are with someone we dearly love. We can feel at home on the brink of a vast mountain range. The fact of the matter is that the feeling of “home”, which we are now talking about, is one that is simply a reminder. It is a shadow and a hint of what will one day be understood clearly. When people or places make us feel at home, we are reminded of the One who created us and similarly created us to be at peace only when in fellowship with Him. The longings we experience for that person or place are our soul’s way of beckoning us on to What and Who we were created for.

“I have come home at last! This is my real country! I belong here. This is the land I have been looking for all my life, though I never knew it till now…”                                                              -CS Lewis


One Response to “Musings on “Home””

  1. Lisa Roche Says:

    In the same way my heart longs and even aches for a time when it is not consistently plagued by sin and temptation. I can not imagine the utter rest that would describe that ‘home’ when those burdens are absent and even forgotten. I am drawn to the tender hearts of young children because they, though sinful, are a bit fresher from that heavenly home and yet are not as thoroughly stained as am I. Their thoughts and verbalizations reflect a sincerity not marked or restricted by the opinions of others or a long unsuccessful pattern of dealing with their own sin.
    So home for me would be the absence of sin… however incomprehensible that is presently.
    And even though I know my sin is paid for and forgiven through the blood of Christ it daily comes to me anew and causes, as i age, a realization that on this earth I will never be truly at home because sin will be present here always.

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